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How to send crypto

Sending Crypto

To send crypto from your Coinmama wallet to another wallet, first choose the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ethereum) that you want to send.



Simply tap on the ‘Send’ button and you will then be prompted to enter a wallet address. Ensure that the wallet address you are entering is the correct one, as transactions on the blockchain are irreversible by design, and that it is on the correct network.

You can either paste the wallet address in, or you can tap on the QR icon in the top right corner to open your camera. This will enable you to scan the QR code associated with the recipient’s wallet address, which will automatically paste the wallet address into the ‘address’ field.




You will then be able to enter the amount of Bitcoin/cryptocurrency you wish to send. Click here to read more about transaction fees.



After entering the desired amount you want to send, click next.

You will then be prompted to review your transaction before clicking send. Ensure that you are happy that the amount you wish to send, the wallet address, and the estimated transaction fees are all correct.



After clicking send, you will be presented with your device’s authentication (i.e. pin, fingerprint, Face ID). Once you confirm this, your transaction will be completed.

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