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Import your existing Coinmama wallet

Once you have the Coinmama wallet downloaded on your IOS device or Android device, you are able to import your existing Coinmama wallet. This restores an existing self-custody wallet using either a 12-word Recovery Phrase or a recovery ZIP file.


  1. Tapping Mnemonic Phrase will prompt you to type in or paste a 12-word Recovery Phrase (a mnemonic phrase):


    For typing, press “next” on the keyboard after typing in each word.

    For pasting, paste the entire mnemonic word list by pressing and holding in the first-word position until the menu appears, then press Paste. The app should break out the list into words. If it does not, try deleting any spaces at the end or making sure that the phrase was correctly copied.

  2. Upon entering a valid phrase, the Import button will turn from grey to blue. Tap the blue Import button.
  3. At the Secure and download recovery ZIP file screen, you may either:
  • Enter and confirm a new password and tap “Download recovery archive file”. is the name of the file. Remember to record the password securely. You can save the ZIP file to your device’s storage, copy the ZIP file to the clipboard or use the Share button to send the ZIP file

  • Tap "Skip download"

You will now be presented with your device’s authentication (i.e. biometrics). When you complete this step, you will now have access to your cryptocurrency wallet secured by your device’s authentication.

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