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Set up your Coinmama wallet

Set up your Coinmama wallet

Open the Coinmama wallet app that you downloaded from App Store or Play Store and create a new wallet: this creates a new, unique, self-custody cryptocurrency wallet controlled by you.


  1. Record your 12-word Recovery Phrase and keep it in a secure place because you’ll need it in the next step.


  2. Tap Confirm Recovery Phrase, then enter the 12 words that you just recorded by tapping on each word in the order that you received them. Tap Continue once you’ve entered the correct word order.


  3. At the “Secure and download recovery ZIP file screen, you may either:
    • Enter and confirm a new password and then tap “Download recovery archive file”. is the name of the file. Remember to record the password securely. Options:
      • Save the ZIP file to your device’s storage
      •  Copy the ZIP file to the clipboard
      •  Use the share sheet to send the ZIP file.
    • Tap “Skip download”

  4. You will be presented with your device’s authentication (i.e. biometrics). When you complete this step, you will now have access to your cryptocurrency wallet secured by your device’s authentication.
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