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Accepted residence permits

In the countries listed below, we are able to accept a residence permit if you do not have an acceptable ID issued by the country you're currently residing in. Kindly note, we may ask for more KYC documents in addition to your residence permit.


  • Your residence permit is valid (not expired/revoked) 
  • The whole document (all four corners) are showing in the photo/scan
  • The image is of high-quality

Accepted residence permits

Austria France Lithuania Portugal
Belgium Georgia Luxembourg Qatar
Brazil Germany Macao Romania
Brunei Greece Macedonia Saudi Arabia
Bulgaria Hungary Malta Slovakia
Canada Ireland Moldova Slovenia
Comoros Italy Monaco Spain
Croatia Japan Mozambique Sweden
Cyprus Kazakhstan Netherlands Switzerland
Czech Republic Korea, South Norway Taiwan, Province of China
Denmark Kosovo Norway United Arab Emirates
Estonia Latvia Peru United Kingdom
Finland Liechtenstein Poland  
Feel free to reach out to one of our Happiness Heroes if you have any questions regarding this.

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