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Buy with Visa or Mastercard

Buy cryptocurrency instantly using a Visa or Mastercard (credit, debit, prepaid, virtual, gift, etc). 

This payment method incurs a 4.99% express fee. Take the amount that you want to purchase and multiply it by 1.05 to calculate the total cost. You can avoid this fee by paying via bank transfer.

Buy with Visa or Mastercard

    1. Place an order and select credit card as your payment method
    2. Enter your card details

      Since your card information is not stored in our system, you'll need to enter the details on every order.

    3. Confirm the payment

      You may be prompted to enter a 3D Secure code, sent to your phone by your bank to verify the payment. You can read further about this here for VISA and here for MasterCard.

      The order will then be handled by one of our card processors and your order status will change to In Process. This usually takes a few seconds, but if your order processes for more than a few seconds, it would be best to wait.

      If you need to troubleshoot your transaction, please click here
    4. Confirm your wallet

      If you don't have 2FA enabled, head over to your email inbox, read the message carefully, and click the link in the wallet confirmation email if the information is correct.

      Once you have confirmed your wallet, we usually send the coins within an hour, and you'll be able to see them as soon as the Blockchain has confirmed the transaction - this may take another 10 minutes or longer, depending on the amount of traffic on the Blockchain Network at the given time.

      Your coins will be sent out only after you've confirmed your wallet address via email.

To read more about Blockchain confirmations and how they work, click here. To see the average confirmation time, check out this graph.

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