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Coinmama selfie

As part of our account verification process, we ask you to upload a photograph of yourself holding the ID you have submitted and a piece of paper on which today's date and "Coinmama" are handwritten.

You will need...

  • A smartphone/camera/high-quality webcam
  • A piece of paper with "Coinmama" and today's date in your own handwriting
  • Your ID
Ensure the selfie is taken in a well-lit room, and the writing on your ID and handwritten note is clearly legible.

How to take a Coinmama selfie

The easiest way to take a Coinmama selfie is with your smartphone. If you don't have a smartphone, or can't ask someone else to take the photograph for you, you can also try using a webcam provided it is high-quality. 

The self-timer function works a charm if you're struggling to hold everything in one hand!

Why do we ask for this?

A photo of you holding your ID helps us keep your account safe and fight fraud - like Blockchain superheroes would do! It also means that someone else can't steal your ID and use it on our platform.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Happiness Heroes if you have any questions regarding this.

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