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Accepted payment methods

Coinmama allows you to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies with a variety of different payment methods. We're continually adding more, so make sure to check back in every once in a while for updates.

Each payment method has its pros and cons, the information below will help you decide what's most suitable for you to use. 
Payment Method Currency Buy Sell Minimum order amount* Fees Average delivery time***
Fedwire $ $500 None 2 business days
SEPA Instant $30** None < 1 hour


None 24 hours
SWIFT (Global) $ $250 None  3 to 5 business days 
SWIFT Fast Payment (UK) £ $250 None < 24 hours
Open Banking (UK) £ $30** None < 1 hour
Bank card $  C$  A$  €  £ $30** 5% express fee < 1 hour
Apple Pay $  C$  A$  €  £ $30** 5% express fee < 1 hour
Google Pay $  C$  A$  €  £ $30** 5% express fee < 1 hour
Skrill   €   $30** 2.5% express fee < 1 hour

* All minimum order amounts are listed as the US Dollar equivalent

** For first order only. Consecutive orders have a minimum amount of $100

*** Delivery times may vary depending on verification documents

Additional Information

  • We accept any (credit/debit/prepaid/gift/virtual) Visa or MasterCard. Click the following if you're not sure how to place an order with your card.
  • We do not accept PayPal. If you don't have a Visa or MasterCard, try using either Google Pay or Apple Pay to buy with your card. If you'd like to save on fees, try a bank transfer.
If your credit card issued by a US bank is getting declined, try using a debit card instead. Some US banks do not let you buy cryptocurrency using credit. Click here for more information.
  • On business days, SEPA transfers usually reach us within 24 hours, and during business hours (GMT +0), payments can reach us within a few hours.
  • All SEPA transfers must be made in EUR. For the full list of SEPA countries, click here. Want to know if your bank participates in the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme (SCTInst)? Click here!
  • If you have a bank account in the UK (SWIFT Fast Payments): During business hours (GMT +0), payments sometimes reach us within a few hours.
  • Open banking - Make sure to use the VIBAN issued for your order instead of the regular SWIFT IBAN.
  • Fedwire payments (US domestic wire transfers) must be made in USD. Your transfer may take more than 24 hours to reach us. For more information on why, click here.
  • SWIFT global (USD): For banks outside of the US and UK. Your transfer may take 3-5 business days to reach us. For more information on why, click here.
Interested in learning more about our fees? How about our loyalty program for reduced fees?

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