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Find Missing Coinmama emails

Coinmama sends important communication to customers via email. This includes email confirmations, password reset links, wallet confirmations, and account updates. If you are not receiving emails from Coinmama, try the following steps:

1. Check your spam folder

If you haven’t already added Coinmama to your safe senders, our emails may be marked as spam. If you do find a Coinmama email in your spam folder, open it and click “not spam” or “add to contacts” to move the email to your inbox.  

2. Add Coinmama to your safe sender list

To ensure that future emails from Coinmama go directly to your inbox, first click "add to contacts" on any emails you receive from us. You may also need to add the Coinmama domain to your safe sender list.

Click your email provider below to find out how to do this:


Go to your settings and click on Filters and Blocked Addresses.


Create a new filter, enter in the From line, and click Create filter


Check the Never send it to Spam box, and click Create filter one more time to apply the filter.



Go to your email account settings and look for the Junk email tab. Add to your safe senders, hit enter or return, then save your selection.



Go to your account settings and look for Filters. Click Add new filtersSelect From in the filter rules, then select Contains and type in Then select Inbox under Choose a folder to move to.


If you’re expecting an email, such as a password reset link or wallet confirmation, and it hasn’t arrived in your inbox or in your spam folder, follow the above steps and then contact us.

Our Happiness Heroes are here if you have any questions.

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