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How bank card transactions work

With any credit/ debit/ prepaid/ gift/ virtual card transaction, there are a few key players: you (the cardholder), your card issuer (or bank), the merchant (us), the acquiring bank (our bank), and the card association (Visa and MasterCard).

Processing bank card transactions require communication between all key players, and normally takes anywhere between a few seconds to minutes to complete.


  1. You enter your card and billing details on the payment form.
    Note that Coinmama will not be able to process orders placed with a bank card that is not yours.
  2. The transaction data is submitted by our processor to our bank.
  3. At this stage, a direct line of communication is opened between our bank and yours. Our bank routes the transaction data through the Visa or MasterCard network to your card issuer for approval.
  4. If your card issuer decides to authorize the transaction, then an authorization hold is placed on your bank account for the transaction amount. In the great majority of instances, once an order is completed, successfully or otherwise, the hold is released within seconds, but some card issuers choose to do so only after 30 days have passed.
    If you still have a pending transaction in your bank account for an order that was successfully completed, see double charge, and if your order has failed, see authorization hold. In either case, it would be best to first contact your card issuer, but as always, our Happiness Heroes are on stand-by for advice and to assist where possible.

    In order to protect you from fraud, before authorizing your payment, many card issuers send out a unique one-time password, also known as 3DS authentication to your phone.

  5. Your card issuer's response is relayed back to our bank via the Visa or MasterCard networks, your payment is captured, and we finish processing your order.
  6. Once you've confirmed your wallet, we send out the coins within 30 minutes. You should be able to see the amount in your wallet once the transaction has been confirmed on the Blockchain. Don't have a wallet yet? Get the Coinmama wallet here for Android and here for iOS.
You can view the completed transaction by logging into your wallet, and since all crypto transactions are public information, you can also view the transaction on any Blockchain explorer. Click here if you're not sure how.

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