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SEPA Bank Transfers

Using the SEPA bank transfer method is not only convenient but also allows for higher spending limits and no express fee!

All SEPA transfers must be made in EUR.

What is it?

SEPA is a Pan-European network that allows for easy, cheap, and safe international Euro transfers. 

SEPA bank transfers usually take up to 24 hours to reach our payment provider's bank. However, if your bank supports SEPA Instant Credit Transfers (SCT Inst), it only takes 10 seconds, and both services are available 24/7/365. 

Currently, there are over 2,200 payment service providers that participate in the Instant Credit Transfer scheme, and if your local branch is a participant, then you can expect your next bank transfer order with us to be completed in as much time as it would take with a card!

Please bear in mind the coin rate will only be locked in once we have received your funds.

You will be able to see the coins in your wallet as soon as we send the coins, which will happen after our bank captures the funds you sent. After that, the Blockchain has to confirm the transaction - this may take another 10 minutes or longer, depending on the amount of traffic on the Blockchain Network at the given time.

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