Restricted Bank Countries for SWIFT Sell Orders

Customers can sell Bitcoin through SWIFT in most countries, with some exceptions:

If your country is listed below, but you have a foreign account (in your name) at a bank that is not in the list, then please provide the details of that account when placing a sell order.
Afghanistan Guinea-Bissau Serbia
Armenia Guyana Sierra Leone
Azerbaijan Egypt South Africa
Bahamas Equatorial Guinea Sri Lanka
Belarus Eritrea The Republic of Burkina Faso
Benin Iraq The Republic of Maldives
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ivory Coast Togolese Republic
Botswana Jordan Trinidad and Tobago
Burkina Faso Laos Tunisia
Burundi Liberia Uganda
Cape Verde Libya Ukraine
Central African Republic Mali  Vanuatu
Congo Montenegro  Venezuela
Democratic People's Republic of Korea DPRK Myanmar  Yemen
Ethiopia Nicaragua  
Gambia Niger  
Ghana Pakistan  
Guinea Panama  
Guinea-Bissau Russian Federation  
Guyana Samoa  
Egypt Senegal  



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