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Owning Bitcoin is important. Buying bitcoin is not easy. 
Understanding Bitcoin is important. Bitcoin is not easy to understand

As part of the huge and ever-growing global community of Bitcoin believers, simplifying Bitcoin for the masses is not only our focus, but our mission. 

Bitcoin represents a new paradigm in the global economy; it's not just a tool or innovative financial system, but also an invention that encompasses a complete revolution of the way people interact and transfer value sans intervention by any 3rd party. This is something that wasn't feasible until 2008, when Satoshi published the Bitcoin whitepaper.


Simply put, no one controls Bitcoin - it is open source and managed by a community of developers and contributors. No one can prevent you from using it - it is permissionless and open for all. It is borderless, no government can censor it, no one can tell you how much you can own, how much you can withdraw, or what you can and can't do with your funds.

In addition to these benefits, no government will decide to print more Bitcoin due to the inflating debt crisis, as Bitcoin's inflation rate is well known and predefined in the code for the next 120 years.

Coinmama is proud to be one of the builders of this new world order of open finance that's accessible for all, fair, and transparent. We work hard to make purchasing Bitcoin an easy process by giving our users the most updated educational content and providing the best customer support possible. This is because we acknowledge the fact that generating a Bitcoin wallet and keeping the private key can be challenging at first - we all went through these confusing first steps, and are happy to guide you through them.

We hope that you will find all of the information that you're looking for in our help center, and we would love to get your feedback in order to further tailor it according to your needs.

-Sagi Bakshi


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