Tech Support Scam

Access to your computer is the same as to your bank

Have you been offered a tech support service or has someone reached out to you saying that there is a problem on your computer? Be careful! The majority of these services steal your information or charge you unfair amounts for not providing a legitimate service. We aren't associated with any tech companies and you should definitely not pay them in crypto! See also phishing attacks.

What to look out for:

  1. If anyone reaches out to you claiming to be from Microsoft offering virus protection or to fix your computer/device and asks to be paid in Bitcoin.
  2. Remote printer installation - you can do so yourself by looking up the instructions online and there is such service in existence that’s offered by major tech companies.  Know that an individual that uses this tactic may ask you to download software from legit sources in order to gain control of your computer.
  3. Clickbait (download malicious software by clicking a seemingly innocent link), for example, a notification with tech support contact info that isn't real. Look for spelling mistakes and payment requests for offering remote support.


How to protect yourself:

  1. Know that legit tech companies will not charge you for remote assistance, especially not in cryptocurrencies “I see there's a virus, pay us in BTC to remove it.”
  2. Do not give anyone remote access to your device - if you do, whoever has access to your computer or device can capture your credit card details and Coinmama login credentials
  3. Do not use any screen-sharing software with anyone that you aren’t fully acquainted with on a personal level - they can monitor your desktop and computer activity. In addition, they will have access to any personal information that you may have stored on your device
  4. Monitor your bank statement for transactions that you do not recognize



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