Merchant Scams

Are you looking to buy or sell something online using cryptocurrency? 

First, make sure that you’re only sending your Coinmama purchases to your own wallet (see our terms of use). 

Many fake online merchants claim that they did not receive payment, even when the transaction has multiple confirmations on the Blockchain. If you first send to your own wallet and then transfer your coins to a merchant’s wallet, you’ll be able to more easily track your transaction.

If you’ve transferred payment to a merchant that claims that they did not receive payment, then you can view their wallet’s transaction history by simply entering their wallet address into any blockchain explorer. Below is a list of a few of the most widely used and trusted blockchain explorers:

 Please note:

🚨 Amazon does not accept crypto payments

🚨 Amazon will not ask for your card details over the phone

🚨 Facebook and other social media platforms do not offer phone support

 Alternatively, if you are a merchant who has a potential customer that claims they paid you via Paypal and you later receive a message saying that you need to make a deposit in BTC for insurance that will later be returned or for transfer fees, then be wary.


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