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Using Your Own Wallet Address

When buying crypto with Coinmama, you'll have to send the coins to your own personal wallet (that only you have access to) and from there you can transfer your coins to wherever you'd like e.g. shops, E-shops, particulars...

"But why can't I send my coins directly to __________?"

This small yet crucial step of sending to your personal wallet first ensures that if there are any issues with your order, we'll be able to help. If you send your coins directly to a 3rd party's wallet, neither we nor you will have access to your coins and your funds will be at the sole discretion of the wallet owner that you requested your purchase be delivered to.

It may help to use an analogy here: if you order a physical product from Amazon, let's say a custom-made t-shirt, and you request that your t-shirt be delivered to an address that's not your own, Amazon would fulfil their part of the deal as per your request and will not be able to intervene between you and the other individual who received your shirt.

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