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Account Managers and Brokers

Before investing your hard-earned money with an account manager, broker, mentor, Blockchain specialist, or anyone else, it's always best to really dig deep and investigate the individual, their company, and their internet "fingerprint". 

Keep in mind that Binary and Forex platforms are notorious for being risky, so it would be best to use due diligence to know who you're dealing with and to never hand over the reins of your personal finances to another individual, especially if you aren’t fully acquainted with them. 

The general rule of thumb is that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is, and always remember that nothing in life can be guaranteed - especially profits.

What to look out for:

  • If you were contacted out of the blue by a broker or with an investment opportunity
  • If we were recommended to you by a broker that you were not previously in contact with
  • If you were contacted or are corresponding with a broker via social media or messaging application
  • You were promised or guaranteed a return on your investment
  • Your broker is independent and does not work for a particular trading platform
  • If you are required to pay fees to “unlock” or withdraw your profits. You should not have to pay in crypto for fees and your broker should notify you of all fees upfront, in writing.
Alert: Just like guaranteed profits, there is no such thing as a Bitcoin/ Blockchain recovery expert!

How you can protect yourself:

  • If you are considering using the services of a broker, make sure they’re registered and regulated
  • Try finding online reviews about the company they work for. A lack of online history should be considered dangerous.
  • Avoid individuals claiming to be independent brokers if you can not prove yourself that they are registered or regulated by a financial authority.
  • Stay vigilant and always ask questions
  • Still not sure? Contact us!
Search for the name of the company that contacted you (or you're considering) and add scam to the search string. Example: "Company ABC scam" or "Company ABC review".


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