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Wallet Address Not Confirmed

If you do not have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled on your account, you will need to verify your wallet address manually.

Confirming your wallet address

When you place an order to buy cryptocurrency, you will receive an email with a link asking you to confirm your wallet address, which is the very last stage that needs to be done in order for your order to be completed successfully. Coinmama will not send your coins until you have confirmed your wallet address by clicking the link in the wallet confirmation email you were sent.

Note that coins sent to an incorrect wallet address cannot be retrieved, so always triple-check that the wallet address is correct before clicking the confirmation link.

If you did not place your order using Google Chrome, or have not enabled your popup blocker when placing your order, then you will most likely not receive a wallet confirmation email. In this case, please try placing a new order after implementing these suggestions. 

Credit or debit card orders:

You will receive the wallet confirmation email once your payment is approved.

Bank transfer orders:

The wallet confirmation link will be part of the email containing your order details. You can confirm your wallet at any time.

Trouble finding the wallet confirmation email?

  • Check out these tips to find missing Coinmama emails
  • If you don't have any luck, submit request to our Support team, making sure to include the last four digits of the ID number you used to get verified as well as the wallet address you want the coins delivered to
We highly recommend setting-up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) which works in place of the wallet confirmation email.

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