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Exodus mobile and desktop wallet

If you're searching for a trusted Mobile or Desktop wallet, look no further! Here's how you can download the software and get started:

Let's get started

  1. Click here to be redirected to Exodus's home page
  2. Click where the yellow arrow is pointing to watch the video explanation, then click where the red arrow is pointing once you are done watching.


  3. Click which option that you prefer to download (yellow for computer, red for mobile)


  4. You should see the file downloaded here (see figure 3)


  5. Open the downloaded file by clicking on it (in the example, we're using the Windows desktop option). Click OK on the pop-up.


Congrats! You've just finished creating an Exodus wallet!


Find your wallet addresses

  1. Click the Exodus logo on the device that you downloaded the software on


  2. On the main page, click "Wallet"


  3. Click the type of currency whose wallet address you would like to see (in this example, we use the Bitcoin wallet):


  4. Once you have chosen the correct cryptocurrency wallet (in this case, Bitcoin), click receive to see your wallet address


    Voila, here's the address of your Bitcoin wallet! To send your purchased coins to your wallet, this is the character string that you will be asked to provide when placing your order.


Note that the address pictured above is just an example. Please do not send coins to any of the wallet addresses shown below.

Switch between your wallet address formats (BTC example)

When placing your orders with us, please make sure you're entering a wallet address that begins with a "1" or a "3" (for more information on why, click here).

If your wallet address begins with a "bc1", here's how to toggle between your different BTC addresses:


If you get stuck at all, you can check out the Exodus Knowledge Base here.

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