Third-party transactions

Coinmama operates in over 190 countries and territories worldwide. We also partner with third-party platforms to complete transactions in select areas that we’re currently unable to serve directly. 

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Existing Coinmama users

If your account has already been verified by us, but after initiating an order you see the following popup, then you’re currently residing in an area that is served through a third-party platform or provider:


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New Coinmama users

Instead of going through our verification process, upon registering, you'll see a blue "Buy Now" button. Clicking it will prompt you to fill out your order details and then, you'll be redirected to another platform, where your order will be placed, processed, and verified.

  1. Register and confirm your email address
  2. Enter your cryptocurrency wallet address and desired order amount. Note that the price provided by Coinmama is a quote, and may change once you are redirected to our third-party partner.
  3. Click “buy now” and agree to the terms of use to be transferred to our partner site.
  4. Enter your payment details, then confirm the transaction by email and mobile
  5. To complete your order on our partner site, you will need to go through the third-party platform’s user verification process. This includes entering your personal details and uploading a copy of your identification card. Once approved, your transaction will be automatically completed.
You’ll be able to see all of your transactions on your Coinmama account page, which will reflect the price quoted by us, which may differ from the price paid. The finalized details of your transaction will be sent to you via email from the third-party provider.


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