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Ethereum Order Completed, Coins Not Received

ETH Orders and Smart Contracts

Some blockchains, like the Ethereum blockchain, support a specific type of transaction called a smart contract. 

Smart contracts were designed by Nick Szabo as a way for two parties to transact with one another without involving the services of a validated third party - instead, the contracts are self-executed on the Blockchain network under stipulation. Put simply, it's code that provides a way to digitally record and execute an agreement (transaction) between two parties

It's crucial that you check with your wallet provider prior to placing an Ethereum order on Coinmama.

Unfortunately, since smart contracts are technically different from 'regular' currency transactions, some wallet providers do not support them. In these cases, one of two things will happen:

  1. Despite being confirmed on the blockchain, the coins may never arrive in your wallet, OR
  2. Your wallet provider needs to manually approve the transaction, causing unpredictable delays
If it's possible that your wallet provider doesn't accept smart contracts, you'll need to contact them directly to learn what happened to your coins (they may ask you for the transaction hash, and you can find that by clicking the wallet link in your Coinmama account’s transaction history, by logging into your wallet, or by asking one of our Happiness Heroes).

To learn more about smart contracts, click here.


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