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3DS Authentication

What is it?

3D Secure, or simply 3DS, is an XML-based protocol designed as an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions. On top of the financial authorization (e.g. checking that your card has enough funds for the order), it adds an online authorization - usually by asking you to enter a unique password.

This authorization happens between 3 domains: your bank, your card issuer, and us, the merchant. That's where the "3D" comes from, but you probably just know it under the name of your specific card issuer, like Verified by Visa or SecureCode.

What can you do if your order fails 3DS Authentication?

After submitting your card details, you should be asked to enter your Verified by Visa or SecureCode one-time password.

If you aren't already, please try placing your next order using a different browser (we find that Chrome works best). Don't forget to disable your popup blocker and to clear your browser cache and cookies as well, and if that fails, try another device.

Still aren't getting your one-time-password? Contact your bank or card issuer and ask them about their online purchase verification process.

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