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Authorization holds

If you see that the payment for a failed order is subtracted from your bank account’s balance, know that you have not and will not be charged for that order - the transaction that you may see on your card statement is just an authorization hold.

What is an authorization hold?

Whenever you transact with your credit card, your bank automatically places an authorization hold for the funds in your account in order to ensure that they are still available when the transaction completes. During that time the funds held won’t be available, and it may appear that the card was charged even though the transaction was declined.

Please keep in mind that once an order fails, the hold should be automatically voided on our end, but in order for the funds to be accessible to you once more, your bank also needs to do so on theirs as well.

This hold is usually released by most banks within moments of a completed or failed purchase, and you’d usually never see it, but unfortunately, some banks may take up to 30 days to release an authorization hold.

It may help to contact your bank regarding this, but if that proves to be of no avail, know that our Happiness Heroes are on standby, waiting to advise.

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