Unable to detect location

Using a proxy or VPN during verification

If we can't detect your location, or if we believe you're using a VPN or proxy, your verification application will get declined.

If you're using a cellular device and your application decline reason was "unable to detect location", make sure to first disable your mobile data and connect to a local wifi connection before uploading the requested files again.

What is a VPN? What is a proxy?

 A VPN (Virtual Private Network) reroutes your online activity through a server and hides it. It's kind of like going on incognito mode with your IP address instead of your browser.

A Proxy server acts as an intermediary between you and other websites, protecting your identity.

In both cases, they mask your location.

Why can't I use a VPN/proxy on Coinmama?

 In order to use Coinmama, you cannot be in a restricted country or US state, both when creating your account and when buying or selling cryptocurrency. (It's a regulations thing.) That means we need to know where you are, and where your computer is. So before you upload your documents, make sure your VPN or proxy is disabled, and that you're not using a Tor browser.

What happens if I use a VPN/proxy?

 If you have a VPN or proxy active when you're trying to verify your account, your verification will be declined, and we'll ask you to try again with the VPN or proxy disabled. 

How do I disable my VPN?

  • 📱 Smartphone users can disable a VPN in their WIFI settings.
  • 💻 PC users, please check the following link for more information.
  • 🍎 IOS device users (iPhone, iPad, Mac), check the following link 


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