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Why we verify your account

We want to know you're really you! Why? Cryptocurrency may be virtual, but it’s still a real currency, and Coinmama complies with international laws and regulations. We take privacy, security, and fraud very seriously, and it's important for us to follow regulations. If you're using Coinmama, we hope that's important to you too.

We verify our customers for three reasons:

  1. To find out who you are. Just like you can’t use a fake identity when opening a bank account (unless you’re an international spy), you can’t use a fake identity here.
  2. To find out where you're from. Regulations by country or US state mean we can't serve certain areas, so we have to verify that you're not from a restricted country or state.
  3. To fight fraud. We sleep better knowing you are who you say you are, and you can sleep better knowing we won't let someone else pretend to be you.
Any legitimate cryptocurrency vendor will ask to verify your identity!

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