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Reset your password

Here's how to do it:

  1. Click here to generate a password token (link).
    Once you've generated a token, either after 15 minutes have passed or after generating a new token, the one in the previous email expires, and the maximum number of tries to reset your password within 24 hours is three.
  2. For Gmail/Protonmail users - Head over to your inbox and open the password recovery email.
    For other email providers - Head over to your inbox and open the password recovery email but do not click the link. Since you're using a less-conventional email domain, it'd be best to copy/paste the link into your URL bar.

    Didn't get an email? Check your SPAM folder, and add Coinmama to your Safe Senders list in your email account settings. If you're not sure how to do that, click here for instructions. If you still don't get our emails, it may be that you've unsubscribed from our email list, and for further assistance, contact our support team
  3. When creating your password, make sure that it is at least 8 English characters long and has each of the following types of characters:

  • At least one English UPPER case letter.
  • At least one English lower case letter.
  • At least one number.
  • At least one character or symbol, such as, !@#$%...

    For Example YYxx123$



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