How to Register Your Email Address

Welcome to Coinmama :) 

To get your coins, set up an account!

You can do so by registering here, or by filling out the form on the home page. Once you're on the registration form you'll be requested to insert some basic information. 

Filling out the form:



Email address: This email will be used regularly to update you about order status, wallet address etc.

Password: It's really important that you choose a strong password.

First and Last Name: Enter your full legal name when registering in order to avoid unnecessary delays during the verification process.

Middle name: The middle name field is not mandatory, but we prefer that you do provide it.

Country: Select the country you are physically in and will be placing your orders from. 

Coinmama operates all around the world, but unfortunately there are some countries and US states we don't serve. It's a regulations thing, but we take it very seriously. In order for us to be able to offer you our services, we need to be sure that you're not from one of our restricted territories, which is why we ask for your country of residence.

After completing the registration, we'll send you a link to verify your email.

We confirm every purchase you make by email, so please mark emails from  as "not spam" or add  to your safe list or contact list. If you're not quite sure how to do so, then click here.

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