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Fees & Charges

Payment processing, network, and Coinmama fees are the expenses you will encounter when purchasing cryptocurrency on All Coinmama fees have two different types of fees applied to each order - a Service fee and a Network fee, with some payment methods carrying a Payment processing fee (i.e. credit/debit card transactions, etc.).

Payment method:


SEPA (European Union only) 1.5%
Credit/Debit card 3.24-3.34%*
Skrill 4.19%
Neteller 4.19%
ACH 1.89%

* The final rate would depend on your location and the payment processor executing the transaction

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Payment processing fee

The payment processing fee is a combined charge by the credit card issuer, automated clearing house network, interchange, electronic check provider, or other banking institution to process a payment.


Skrill and Neteller's fee structure depends on the currency and the amount spent. The bigger the amount, the smaller the fee to process your payment.

Other payment methods

Payment providers like Giropay, PIX, Webpay, PSE, Astropay, SPEI, etc each have a different payment processing fee they take. Please check the commission details before you place a transaction.


Service fee

A service fee is our commission for processing your transaction. 

In order to provide the necessary infrastructure, carefully monitor your cybersecurity, follow the latest trends in the crypto business, and have our support representatives available 24/7 in case you need help, Coinmama charges its fee. It is applicable to all payment methods.

As a promotion, for the first Credit/Debit card transaction, we do not take a Coinmama fee, however, payment processing and network fees apply. 

It is important to know that the service fee varies significantly for each payment method and your Coinmama Loyalty Tier. 


Network fee

The miners charge network fees for confirming transactions on the blockchain. It varies depending on the market demand for specific cryptocurrencies. It is charged per transaction and does not depend on the amount spent. It is applicable to all payment methods.


You can check the fees applied to your transaction right at the beginning of placing your order. Below you may find an example of fees for a 1000 EUR SEPA Bank Transfer payment method of a Crypto Believer Loyalty Tier account:


Screenshot 2023-11-08 145800.png


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us anytime: Contact Us

To know what you are being charged, it's always best to check the fee breakdown in the checkout summary whenever placing an order.

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