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Troubleshooting your Sell Order

Whilst placing a Sell Order is relatively easy, there are a couple of issues you may encounter.

Bitcoin Sent, but order has expired

If you've placed a sell order but did not transfer your Bitcoin (or if there were Blockchain delays that prevented your transfer from going through) within 30 minutes of initiating the order, your sell order will expire.

If your order has expired but you've accidentally already sent your coins, please let one of our Happiness Heroes know by submitting a Support request here.

Pay-out not received

Bank transfers don't always reach their destination, and some banks take longer than others to process wire transfers, as the process isn't fully automated.

If you've sold us your coins, and the pay-out has not reached your bank account for 2 business days (if you provided a SEPA account), let us know and we'll be happy to look into it!

Here are a few things that you should check before initiating a sell order and sending us your coins in order to circumvent this issue:

  1. Make sure that you provide the IBAN of your personal bank account. Pay-outs to corporate bank accounts or bank accounts not registered in your name will not be issued.

    If you provided us with the details of a joint bank account, we'll just need to see a document (or screenshot from within your online banking system) that has your name on it. Click here to let our Happiness Heroes know.
  2. That your bank account accepts EUR (if you chose the SEPA pay-out method).

  3. Check that your bank's policy allows for you to accept pay-outs from overseas beneficiaries. We've recently seen an increase in the number of cases where banks do not deposit the funds that we send into a seller's account. In this instance, the funds are held for a few days by the receiving bank and returned back to us within a few days up to as much as two weeks, and is most common among online/prepaid banking services. If you are not sure if your bank account allows international wire transfers, it would be best to clarify the matter with your bank.

    The following routing numbers are known to reject our pay-outs: 

    • 031101279 - The Bancorp bank (Chime, PayPal)
    • 041215663 - Sutton bank
    • 124303120 - Greendot bank
In the case where funds are not accepted by your bank, don't worry, you won't lose your coins! Worst case scenario, you can either contact us or wait for us to reach out and return your coins.


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