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You just got verified - the hard part is behind you. Follow these simple steps to create your first order and become the proud owner of cryptocurrency!

Create your order

Choose the type of currencies you want to exchange. Enter the desired amount in the rightmost field or choose a package.

The prices on our site include our fees. Please bear in mind that the fees and minimum order amounts may vary depending on which payment method you choose.

Enter your wallet address

Do not enter an address from a wallet that you do not have sole access to. Why?

Don't have a wallet yet? Setting one up is easy, fast, and free - this article will help get you started. 

If 2FA is enabled, you will be prompted to confirm your wallet address with a six-digit code from the authentication app on your phone.

Choose a payment method

Choose to pay with either a Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Each payment method has its pros and cons.
Take the amount that you want to purchase and multiply it by 1.05 to calculate the total cost of your order if you prefer not to pay with a bank transfer.

Click any of the links below for further instructions, or here to compare different payment methods.


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