Monthly Order Count Limit

How many orders can you place in a month?

In addition to spending limits, there are also limits on the number of orders that you can place within a 24-hour and one month period.

Level 1 users have a monthly limit of 20 orders, and level 2 and 3 users have a monthly order limit of 30 orders. For orders placed with a bank card (credit/debit/prepaid/virtual/gift/etc), there's a daily order limit of 5 orders which is applicable to all levels.

How can you avoid our order limit?

If you know in advance how much crypto you'll need for the week or month, you can just place an order for that amount and have your purchase sent to your own personal wallet (see our Terms of Use). From there, you can transfer your coins to any other wallet you choose as needed, instead of placing an order each time you'd like to send someone crypto.

If you live outside of the SEPA zone and you're weekly/monthly expenditure is 1,000 USD or above, know that placing your order with a SWIFT bank transfer will save you 5% on your transaction's total cost in fees, meaning that you'll save a minimum of $50! (If you live within the SEPA zone, then this applies to any bank transfer order!)

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to place an order that doesn't require paying a momentum fee.


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