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Transfering your coins

We here at Coinmama do not generate or provide wallets. When placing an order with us, you'll be asked to provide us with your own personal wallet address that only you have access to (see our Terms of Use). Once we send out your coins, we will no longer have access to them, and if you provide us with a wallet address that you did not generate yourself, neither will you. When your payment is confirmed, we'll send your coins to your wallet and from there you'll be able to transfer your coins to any other wallet (shops, E-shops, particulars...). 

Upon logging in to your Coinmama account, what you'll see is your order history with us, not a balance. See our article about sending coins to someone else's wallet here.

To transfer your coins from your wallet to another one depends on your wallet provider, but usually, after logging into your wallet you should see a Transfer button. You'll just have to enter the amount you want to send and the receiver's wallet address.

If you're still not sure how to transfer your coins, you can either contact your wallet provider's support team or let us know who your wallet provider is and one of our Happiness Heroes will be happy to assist.


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