Common Scams in the Crypto Industry

Common Scams in the Crypto Industry

As with any industry, there are a number of scams and unfortunately no lack of individuals who want to take advantage of someone in some way. While each scam is different, ultimately, they do have a couple of things in common - a convincing story, and an even more convincing representative.

There are many common red flags to look for, and here are a few. If any of the instances below sound familiar to you, then you might want to reconsider reviewing your relationship with whichever service/ individual that you’re doing business with.

Here are some basic tips, but for more information on specific scenarios, click the links below this list. Make sure that you have:

  1. Have not registered on Coinmama by anyone’s request
  2. When placing your orders with us, only send coins to your own wallet- we here at Coinmama do not generate or provide wallets, and when you log in to your Coinmama account, what you see is your purchase history with us, not a balance
  3. Know that Coinmama does not hold, store, or invest in funds of any nature for our users.
  4. Created your wallet by yourself and that only you can access it. If a wallet address was given to you by another individual or company, then that is not your wallet. For more information on how wallets work, click here.
  5. Have not been assisted or advised by an individual or company regarding the creation or use of your Coinmama account.

If any of the scenarios in the following articles sound familiar to you, please contact our support team here.

Broker/ Account Manager
  Has a Coinmama "Agent"
Contacted You?
Mining Scams   Merchant Scams
Dating Scams   Tech Support Scam
Referral/Advert schemes
and Employer Scams


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