Level 2 verification

In order to be eligible for level 2, you must first have already purchased $7,500 USD (or the equivalent) in cryptocurrencies with us.

Level 2 verification raises your Coinmama account’s spending limit to 50,000 USD!

In order to apply, click Verify account on your Coinmama account page and upload the required documents.

You will be asked to upload one additional valid government-issued ID and a utility bill. As with level 1, you need to upload these documents through the verification form in your Coinmama account

Required documents include:

  • An international passport (double page), national ID card (both sides), or a driver's license (both sides)
  • A utility bill (either electric, cable, gas, water bills, property tax) or a bank statement/ credit card statement from the past 6 months


In addition to our basic Tips to get verified faster, please make sure that all 4 corners of any documents you provide appear in their photos, and if you would like to provide a digital statement, please upload the entire file.


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