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Updating personal details

Change is part of life! If you'd like to change the personal details on your account our Happiness Heroes will be more than happy to assist. Below are the three details we allow our customers to change:

Phone number

In order to update your phone number, please contact us with your new number and the last four digits of your ID number (the ID you used for verification).

Email address

In order to update your email address, we ask that you please send us with a selfie holding your ID and a handwritten note containing the following:

  • The email address currently linked to your Coinmama account
  • The new email address you would like to update this to
  • Today's date
  • 'Coinmama'
Why do we need a selfie? We send sensitive account information by email, so we want to know it's really you!

Residential address

In order to update your residential address, you'll need to please provide us with the reason along with a proof of address e.g. utility bill, bank statement. Please bear in mind that changing your address may affect your account status: Restricted countries and states.

Please contact our Support team if you are wishing to update any of these details.

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