Accepted documents and IDs

During the verification processes, you'll be asked to provide a photo of your ID. Coinmama accepts the following types of identification:

US citizens and residents:

  • Driver's license
  • State-issued non-driver's license ID card


Because Coinmama is restricted in certain US states, we can only accept state-issued ID cards that display an address from an area that we operate in. While we don't accept US passports or permanent residence cards for Level 1 Verification, we do accept them for Level 2.

Non-US citizens:

  • International passport
  • Government-issued national identity card, driver's license, or permanent residence card. These must contain English/Latin letters, and we do not accept paper or laminated ID cards.


We cannot accept:

paper or laminated ID cards* • residence permits* • temporary paper US driver's licenses  • black and white IDs • expired IDs • ID cards with holes or missing corners • IDs without English/Latin letters* • OFAC IDs • student IDs • gym membership cards • personal transit cards • benefit cards


Coinmama will accept the following laminated or non-English/Latin identity cards and residence permits provided they have a valid expiration date and do not have any holes or missing corners:

  • Arabic language national IDs if you do not have an ID in English
  • Residence permits we can accept from the following countries
  • National ID cards from Brazil • Ecuador • France • Germany • Greece • Russia (internal passport) • Uruguay • Venezuela
  • Driver's licenses from Brazil • France • Russia
  • Aadhar (plastic only), PAN, or EPIC card from India
  • Paper ID from Italy
  • Proof of age card from Australia • Canada • New Zealand



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