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Accepted IDs

We, too, want to approve your account as quickly as possible. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks relating to uploading your ID, to prevent delays in the verification process.


  • Your ID is valid (not expired/revoked) 
  • The whole document (all four corners) are showing in the photo/scan
  • The image is of high-quality
Make sure the information on your ID is clearly legible - if you can't read the text in the image, neither can we!

Accepted IDs

  • Driver's license
  • State-issued non-driver's license ID card
We are unable accept passports for Level 1 verification as Coinmama is currently unable to serve all 50 states. 
  • International passport
  • Government-issued national identity card, driver's license, or permanent residence card
The government-issued ID must be plastic and contain only English/Latin letters.
We cannot accept...
Paper or laminated IDs* Damaged IDs
Residence permits* IDs without English/Latin letters*
Temporary paper US driver's licences OFAC IDs
Black and white IDs Student IDs
Expired IDs Gym membership cards
Personal transit cards Benefit cards


National IDs in Arabic if you do not have an ID in English
National ID cards from Brazil, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Russia (internal passport), Uruguay, Venezuela
Driver's licences from Brazil, Russia, France
Aadhar (plastic only), PAN, or EPIC cards from India
Paper ID from Italy
Proof of age card from Australia, Canada, New Zealand
Residence permits

from the following countries


ID number

When we ask for your ID (or identification) number, it's referring to the unique number of the document you're uploading during the verification process.


When entering your ID number, make sure you do so without any spaces, dashes, or slash marks in between. If you enter the number with spaces or symbols, you'll receive an invalid number error message.


"ID number already exists in our system"
If you are seeing this message, it's most likely because you've already opened a different account using the same ID. We only allow users to have one Coinmama account, and if we detect you've opened more than one, we'll have to block all but the original account.
Please contact our Happiness Heroes if you have any questions.

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