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How to sell your coins

Looking to sell your crypto? Look no further! Follow these steps below to create your first sell order with Coinmama!

1. Create your order

Once you have selected the 'Sell' option on your account homepage, select the cryptocurrency you wish to sell, then simply enter the number of coins and select the desired currency and payment method (note that payment methods might vary depending on the currency you choose).

You can check all our available payment methods by clicking here.

The prices on our site include our fees - click the link to check them out! 

2. Enter your payout details

3. Send coins to our crypto wallet

Open up your wallet app and send the exact amount of crypto to the wallet address we provide you with. You can copy and paste the provided wallet address, or scan the QR code if your wallet on your smartphone supports that option.

That's it! Shortly after receiving your coins, our payment provider will send out the funds - this may take a few business days depending on the time of the sell request.


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